About Frontier Science

Frontier Science Historical Background and Mission

Frontier Science is a not-for-profit research foundation established in 1975 to advance the application of statistical science and practice and data management techniques in science, health care, and education. The Foundation is incorporated in the State of New York and has offices in Amherst, New York; Boston, Massachusetts and Madison, Wisconsin. There are currently approximately 350 staff members employed by Frontier Science.

Frontier Science has established a European affiliate in Scotland. Frontier Science Scotland (Ltd) (FSS) is based in the Highlands and collaborates with Frontier Science US to further facilitate its clinical trials activities. For example, this office has collaborated with the Breast International Group and Roche Pharmaceuticals on a major international breast cancer trial. The Managing Director of the Office in Scotland is Eleanor McFadden, former Director of the ECOG Coordinating Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition, Frontier Science has an affiliate in Athens, Greece (Frontier Science Foundation - Hellas Civil Non-profit Corporation "FSF-H"), www.frontier-science.gr.

Leadership and Academic Affiliations

Foundation founder and previous Chairman of the Board, the late Marvin Zelen, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned biostatistician, and former Chair of the Department of Biostatistics in both the Harvard School of Public Health and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Treasurer and and Principal Investigator, Richard Gelber, Ph.D., has won international awards and recognition for his contributions to the design and analysis of many important clinical trials and his direction of statistical centers conducting studies in breast cancer, pediatric AIDS and pediatric malignancies.

Currently, Gregory Pavlov is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation.

Research Programs

The Foundation is currently engaged in large-scale national and international clinical trials, which have direct impact upon the treatment of thousands of cancer and AIDS patients in world-wide institutions. During the past years, it has been involved in innumerable research efforts in both the private and public sectors. In conjunction with these activities, the Foundation has developed software and general computing techniques specifically tailored to the needs of data collection categorization and analysis.


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